Good story to tell – changing the narrative

We have to change the mindset in this country , because the current mindset does not work .
We have struggled for years to topple the traitorous bunch of common looters that is the Zupta faction, just to see them replaced by a so called ” unity ” conglomeration of the outright and hardcore criminals in the Zuma faction and the little more subtle looters in the Ramaphosa faction.
Because our national discourse is dominated by pro ANC and left wing media, we have become accustomed to being fed a diet and narrative , ever since 1994 , that the ANC is the glorious heroes of the liberation struggle who delivered ” our people ” from the apartheid system .
When this ” glorious heroes ” in the ANC went on an orgy of industrial scale looting ever since 1994, an insatiable feeding frenzy at the trough of taxpayer money, like a bunch of starved squealing pigs , they just shifted the blame onto the white minority and started to invent another narrative that could take the attention off their incompetence, greed, criminality and immorality .
Then all of a sudden they started to say that whites stole the land and as soon as the land is ” stolen back ” all will be well again and all will prosper ..
As you guys might have noticed, it did not help that one faction of the ANC, the Ramaphosa group, took over the driver’s seat of the ANC.
Ramaphosa only won in December because of a deal with the devil he made with the vastly and ghastly tin pot leader of the Mpumalanga fiefdom , David Mabuza, a man who was accused of  carrying out political assasinations in his province .
An extremely dangerous deal was struck with the totally amoral David Mabuza for him to become the deputy President of the ANC and country.
Keep in mind that the deputy President of the ANC normally becomes the next President of the ANC . It is not at all far fetched that the Mabuza group can recall Ramaphosa as leader in future , with the support of a returning Julius Malema – Malema to be deputy President in that case .
We have seen how the biggest criminal after Zuma783 , Ace ” Mugabe ” Magashule , became ANC secretary general . We have seen how the North West province stayed in the grips of another tin pot looter , Supra Mahumapelo, a man who used the crude ” fuck you  ” term in national Parliament .
We have seen how a culture of impunity remains , with not a single succcessful prosecution  of the Zupta State Capture Shadow State grouping , which was led by the Gupta crime family . Not even a successful asset seizure of their ill gotten gains .
We have seen how Shaun ” the Sheep ” Abrahams , a member of the Shadow State , an unrepentant Zupta lackey ,  remains as head of the National Prosecuting Authority and how  several corrupt SAPS generals remain , with a struggling IPID trying to hold them to account .
Well , this narrative that the ANC has been so successfull in maintaining ends today .
Yes, apartheid was bad , but you the ANC was corrupt and degenerated even in exile . You the ANC , with your communist allies , entrenched a deep seated Marxist culture of entitlement into African culture that , together with your insatiable need to steal as much as possible , has brought the country of South Africa to smouldering ruins .
Our statistics for  people killed per year in violent crime  incidents are worse than the statistics for people killed in many countries involved in civil war .
We have seen how mostly white food producers have been mowed down in alarming numbers, many bludgeoned to death , many tortured and raped in a slow and silently sanctioned war of attrition to drive whites off land .
Your education system is the joke of the world , maybe because you want to keep the population dumb enough to see you as heroes as you wizz pass in your Wabenzi , pass their tin shacks that they erected on invaded land without even a toilet anywhere in sight .
Your racist union allies have begun to dump rubbish in hospitals whilst singing the Kill  the Boer Song after they have been the agitators for years for a very restrictive labour law system which makes it impossible to get rid of lazy and unproductive workers .
Your racist union allies have created a little elite empire for some workers whilst millions remain unemployed, many turning to crime to make a living .
You have looted the SOE’s empty . You have imported TOO TALL trains where under the previous dispensation we built our own trains .
You have allowed our country’s running to be sub contracted out to 3 Indian immigrant brothers who looted more than a R100 billion in cahoots with other criminals in suits, all whilst you protected the man responsible, the godfather, Jacob Zuma783 , no less than 8 times in no confidence votes in parliament .
You the ANC never had any idea what you were doing other than to ” transform ” the country so that all public  sector  and civil service jobs should reflect the national demographic racial quota system, even in the Western Cape where the coloured/ brown community make up 50 % of the population .
After all your failures, it is clear you have created a black nationalist system of government which has replaced the white nationalist system of government of the NP . The only difference is the NP never stole so much as you the ANC, and they were more competent, way more competent, than you the ANC .
The Rainbow country is dead . We just have a country for ” our people ” and ” our people ” are clearly just black Africans . You talk of “us ” and ” them “. You have no shame in relegating ethnic minorities – who have been in this country  for centuries – to second hand citizen status , even the first peoples, the descendants of the Khoi and San .
Your narrative, supported and kept in place by left wing media, ends today .
First the ANC promised a better life and equal rights for ALL! Once in power they broke that promise and told South Africans they ARE indeed qualified and started to kick out all the people with knowledge and skills and replaced them with ANC cadres. When all that was once working disintegrated, they blamed their ignorance and inability on Apartheid. And now we sit with a country collapsing in all sectors and the blame is placed on a tiny minority who has nowhere to flee. We are surrounded by violence, corruption, a collapsing economy and lowering standards of almost everything from Healthcare, Policing to Education…..and every day people are dying and property destroyed or burnt….
A kakistocracy (/ˌkækɪsˈtɒkrəsi, -ˈstɒk-/) is a system of government which is run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens [ Wikipedia ]
You the ANC , despite having a decent member here and there, accumulated all the worst elements in this country , from outright criminals and gangsters to just your normal run of the mill greedy cadre  unemployable outside of politics  [ Many born after 1994 ].
Your targeted electorate are the people who want all the free stuff . We cant keep on living the lie that the ANC has a good story to tell . We cant carry on having a party riddled with the worst elements in society ruling with the support of those who fall for empty promises and expecting free stuff to eke out a meagre living whilst the pride to make it yourself and create a   decent country with standards are lacking . A country for all, not just an ” us ” and ” them ” country where it is ok for the ” us ” to steal from the ” them ” .
It is also clear that those people with good intentions who were once in the  ANC , like Mr Mosiua Terror Lekota, walked away because he saw that it is not possible to reform the ANC and that it will never be a party for all in the country like Mr Lekota wanted it to be . That is why he walked away to form COPE .
Keep the following in mind :
The folks who are getting free stuff, don’t like the folks who are paying for the free stuff, because the folks who are paying for the free stuff can no longer afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff.

The folks who are paying for the free stuff want the free stuff to stop, and the folks who are getting the free stuff want even more free stuff on top of the free stuff they are already getting!

Now… The people who are forcing the people to pay for the free stuff have told the people who are RECEIVING the free stuff, that the people who are PAYING for the free stuff, are being mean, prejudiced, and racist.

So… The people who are GETTING the free stuff have been convinced (by the people who are forcing some people to pay for their free stuff), that they need to hate the people who are paying for the free stuff and giving them the free stuff in the first place.

We have let the (free stuff giving), go on for so long that there are now MORE people getting free stuff than paying for their stuff.

Now understand this: all great democracies have committed financial suicide somewhere between 200 and 250 years after being founded. The reason? The voters figured out that they could vote themselves money from the treasury by electing people who promised to give them money from the treasury in exchange for electing them.

Thomas Jefferson said it best: “Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not”.

The number of people now getting free stuff outnumbers the number of people paying for the free stuff in South Africa. We have one chance to change that at the next election…. will we?

A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!




SA is effectively an idiocracy.
An idiocracy is one step down from a mediocracy, the position we previously held. Next stop, as Malcom Tucker puts it in The Thick of It, is simply called a cluster f**k.
The reasons are now well documented. The ANC, under President Jacob Zuma, has been systematically stripped of any intellectual weight. Some abandoned ship; others walked the plank. One way or the other, no one’s at the wheel and the galley is running the deck
Above is a quote from an article from Gareth van Onselen in Businesslive in 2016.
Our political situation in this country is now beyond ridiculous. Years of idiocy, political theatre, political infights in the ANC , political diversionary tactics orchestrated by the Guptas – wmc narratives, whites stole the land etc – , wholesale looting by an organised Shadow State centered around the Zuma and Gupta families and politicians thinking of themselves as revolutionaries have led to one gigantic political clusterf*ck that we are currently facing.
The intrigue is centred around the persons of mainly two men , and they are Jacob Angazi783 and Julius Sello Malema.
Consider this :
For years Malema has led a personal vendetta against Jacob Angazi, they became arch enemies when Angazi783 had Malema kicked out of the ANC. This vendetta turned Parliament into a battleground for more than 3 years now.
Then came the ANC leadership contest and Kom Raid #783 of course wanted his ex wife NDZ elected as ZANC leader so she could keep him out of jail. When Cyril Ramaphosa looked set to win the leadership contest, Kom Raid #783 employed a desparate tactic called the poisoned chalice, seeking to drag Cyril down when he became ANC leader. I am talking about #783 announcing a Guptament project for free tertiary education, even when the country can clearly not afford it. This was followed up by the ANC adopting the policies of expropriating of land without compensation and the nationalization of the Reserve Bank , turning the ANC into bloodred, adopting the very same policies of the EFF.
We have reached clusterf*ck status, the bottom of the pits and we have begun to dig down further. Nobody knows anymore who is in bed with who. Is Jacob783 and Malema still enemies ? Malema and Ramaphosa still enemies ? Remember the EFF called Ramaphosa a murderer over Marikana.
Talking about Ramaphosa, he reached a deal with a hardcore criminal group in the ZANC , centred around Ace ” Mugabe ” Magashule and DD Mabuza, mafia don of Mamparalanga, to push him to the top of the ZANC septic tank.
Are we witnessing a return of the EFF to the ANC ranks ? Or not ? They have the same policies mos. Surely they will push for this together in Parliament ? Or wont they and Cyril was busy with more theatre ? Cyril is the master of code speak mos .
Cant anyone flippen say what they stand for in clear terms anymore ?
On top of it all you have a desparate JZ783 peeing his pants so afraid is he of going to jail and maybe set to lash out in a desparate attempt to avoid jail.
I am tired of this crap. We need change in 2018. Not more of the clusterf*ck stuff.

2018 : History in the making

The Chinese has a saying : We live in interesting times. It is certainly the case in South Africa, a country literally on the brink of a deep abyss, a country still in the grip of a deeply evil traitor of a President who sold the country to his business partners, the immigrant Gupta international crime family, effectively outsourcing the running of the country, and of course, the looting thereof to them.
The country is still effectively a one party state, with the ruling party, the ZANC, deploying its cadres to run each and every institution, running each and every part of our lives.
In 2017 the ruling party has once more protected their treasonous and avaricious leader at every turn , whilst opposition parties and NGO’s have turned to the courts to roll back the Shadow State, which is another name of a criminal cabal in charge of running our country.
In 2017, President Zuma783 has  continued playing a legal game of chess and employing his now famous Stalingrad legal strategy – hold out as long as possible – to delay the legal onslaught.
The recent ZANC elective conference was inconclusive as the hardcore criminal wing of the ruling party reached a unity deal with the Ramaphosa group, but the balances of forces in the ZANC NEC seems to favour the criminal group of DD Mabuza and Ace ” Mugabe ” Magashule.
As we enter 2018 we have a very unsure situation, a very unpredictable one. No one of us can really predict how things will play out. Will South Africa as a collective be able to defeat the treasonous looting group centered around President Zuma783 ?
We have a new ANC leader, Cyril Ramaphosa, but he has not been handed a clear mandate at the elective conference. The criminal forces in the ANC could not prevent his election as leader, but they saddled him with the burden of free university education and expropriation of land without compensation as policy directives to drag him down.
In 2018 history will be made around every turn. Will Cyril Ramaphosa force out President Zuma783, using the court judgements attained so far by NGO’s and opposition parties ?
Will Ramaphosa appoint a new NDPP and pave the way for criminal prosecution of the Shadow State ?
Or will the criminal group in ZANC prove stronger and frustrate efforts to appoint a dependable NDPP of the NPA and Hawks head ?
In short, will our country remain in the grip of the evil and dark plundering forces centered around the Zuma and Gupta families ?
My sense is that Zuma783 will hit back hard. He knows that his road to jail has been slowly and painstakingly paved by NGO’s and opposition parties, using the Courts. His only way out is to hold off Ramaphosa and remain the President. Or he can negotiate an exit package which ensures his immunity from prosecution.
We dont know what will happen. But it is OUR future on the line. It is US that will suffer when food prices go up for instance as a result of economic slowdown as a result of political intrigue. It is US that will suffer, NOT the politicians who live in luxury.
From the group here at , we say : This country is just as much ours as it is yours. We are just as concerned as you. We will walk this path with you. In fact our site is not ours,  it is yours as well, because our site will always be the site  which is by the people , for the people. You can be part of the discussion by submitting your articles for publication.
You can be sure, with each and important news break in 2018 , will be there.
From us here at uncapturedsa : May your dreams come true in 2018, whatever it may be,  and when it does come true, share with us !

Constitional Court rules : Why it means nothing,once again

It seems the Constitutional Court  of SA judgement of Friday that found the National Assembly needs to “without delay” determine whether the president has breached section 89 of the Constitution means nothing, yet again.
What is Section 89 of the Constitution :
Section 89 of the Constitution deals with the removal of the President and provides as follows:

  1. The National Assembly, by a resolution adopted with a supporting vote of at least two-thirds of its members, may remove the President from office only on the grounds of-
  1. a serious violation of the Constitution or the law;
  2. serious misconduct; or
  3. inability to perform the functions of office.
I do believe that we need to start talking about matters in simple terms. We need to start calling a spade a spade. It doesnt mean we need to be rude, or crude, but we need to dissect matters and strip it of the legalese and explain it to people in English, or any other language, but in a simple clear way they can understand.
Where do this judgement come from ?
This judgement is in response to an application brought before the Constitutional Court by the EFF, COPE and the UDM . These parties brought the matter because they felt that the National Assembly‚ under the leadership of speaker Baleka Mbete‚ had failed to take any action in response to the 2016 judgment of the Constitutional Court and that the application seeks to compel the National Assembly to fulfil its constitutional functions to scrutinise and to inquire into the conduct of the president.
What was the 2016 judgement of the Con Court about ?
It was on March 31 2016 that the court ruled that Zuma had not upheld‚ protected and defended the Constitution in the way he dealt with the public protector’s report on his Nkandla homestead.
The 2016 case over Zuma’s Nkandla inaction was brought by the EFF and the DA.
The court ALSO ruled in 2016 that members of Parliament also violated the Constitution and their oath of office by failing to hold Zuma accountable over the spending on his private compound in Nkandla.
Fast forward to 2017 and the Constitutional Court of South Africa has ruled that the National Assembly failed to hold President Jacob Zuma to account.
Who is Parliament ?
Parlliament is the members of all political parties and Parliament is basically run by the majority party the ANC via the speaker Baleka Mbete .
It is a matter of record that opposition parties like the DA and EFF tried their utmost to hold Zuma783 to account.
A verdict against Parliament, and we have two from the Constitutional Court, means a judgement against speaker Baleka Mbete and the ANC. This is a matter of fact and logic.
Why the Con Court judgement of Friday 2017-12-29 means nothing, yet again :
In yesterday’s judgement the Con Court found the National Assembly needs to “without delay” determine whether the president has breached section 89 of the Constitution. This after Parliament failed to create rules to regulate section 89 and the removal of a president.
So first Parliament needs to create rules to regulate section 89 of the Constitution, something they failed to do until now. For this Parliament has 3 months.
Secondly Parliament, that is the ANC because they rule the roost, needs to determine whether Zuma783 has breached section 89. For that they also have 3 months.
So that is the judgment. The Con Court did to find and determine an outcome of what parliament should find, just that they have to follow the process.
Parliament, that is the ANC, can still find, after 6 months, that Zuma783 did not breach section 89 and therefore should not be impeached and stripped of his post and other perks.
The ANC  did protect Zuma783 for more than 8 years and they protected him in 8 votes of no confidence against him. By all accounts, the hardcore criminal gangster pro Zupta faction in the NEC is stronger than the pro Ramaphosa group.

SA mainsteam media on holiday as Dubai #GuptaNEC meeting proceeds

Indications have emerged that the South African crime family behind state capture in the country, the Guptas,  is currently holding a strategy meeting in Dubai with some of their captured puppets in the ANC NEC. Reports also indicate that the Secretary General of the ANC, Ace Magashule has sent his son , Tshepiso, to represent him.
Leading the Gupta NEC faction in Dubai at the moment is our Police minister, Fikile Mbalula. He has given his own location away by tweeting the following :
” Merry Christmas to you all…festive season greetings to you all bunch of winners  ”
The locations settings on twitter indicated the location was Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Mbalula then deleted the location settings, but not before screengrabs have been made.
Mbalula later tweeted the following in response to a twitter user who questioned his presence in the city where the Gupta family now reside :
” Jan van Reibeeks and Verwoerda are celebrating Christmas too in South Africa…they are on lifetime vacations since the arrival of their ancestors on the cape to loot, steal and conquer. Their offspring can be found wilding on twitter with absolute no sense of irony ” .
This tweet was also deleted by Mbalula, but not before screengrabs have been made.
Whilst the South African mainstream media is on holiday, the ex ANC MP and whistleblower Vytjie Mentor has kept up a steady stream of reporting on her Facebook page that not only Mbalula is currently in Dubai, but also ANC NEC members Tina Joemat -Petterson  and David Mahlobo , the ex energy minister and current energy minister respectively.
Vytjie is also reporting that the Gupta faction of the ANC NEC is meeting with Russian energy officials regarding a nuclear deal with South Africa, in which the Zuma and Gupta families stand to score lucrative deals.
What we know is that Mbalula’s whereabouts has been confirmed . He is in Dubai for sure. He gave himself away. Vytjie is also reporting that the Gupta family plane ZS-OAK has been tracked to Dubai, and you can be sure that where the Gupta plane is, there is the Gupta family.
The information emanating from Vytjie Mentor seems to be quite authentic at this moment, yet not a single report about this is appearing in the South African mainstrean media.  I dont know who Vytjie’s sources are, and her info is not yet confirmed, but circumstancial evidence certainly backs up her claims.
I would have thought that this information is extremely important in the light of the whole saga of the capture of the SA government by the Gupta family.
How  more treasonous than this can you get ? Secret meetings are held in a foreign country with a now departed immigrant Indian family with regards South African government affairs , but the South African mainstream media cant even produce one single report in this regard ?


If the Mugabe style radical communist policies of expropriation of land without compensation – land grabs – , nationalization of the Reserve Bank and free tertiary education ever get implemented it will be the death penalty for South Africa and this country will officially be declared dead.
In that case here are our two executioners. These are the two who did the most to kill us. They are Jacob Zuma783 and Julius Sello Malema.
Of course first and foremost Kom Raid #783. This man had a grand plan of theft and looting since the day the ANC took the reigns in this country. He developed this plan virtually from the day in 1994 the ANC took over. He was assisted mostly by the old Vula network of which he was the head.
He finally convinced the majority of the ANC to go full on gangster at the Polokwane conference in 2007. Make no mistake, the removal of Mbeki was done because Mbeki did not allow the Kom Raids to steal enough. Mbeki the economist knew that you have to have a developmental approach and keep investor confidence. The criminal looter group led by #783 did not care about this.
The man who led the ANC Youth Leaque at the time was one Julius Malema. This academically challenged firebrand hated the whites with a passion and he fashioned himself as a revolutionary. He was #783’s storm trooper prior to Polokwane, his most important ally to instill the belief that Mbeki was not commie left wing enough. Malema was assisted by Cosatu led by Zwelinzima Vavi and the SACP, led by Blade Nzimande. These fervent hard left ideologues figured that #783 would be the one who would deliver on their revolutionary style pipe dream.
When Kom Raid #783 finally took the reigns in 2009, he implemented his grand heist plans with military precision.Having met the Guptas in the mid 2000’s, #783 basically just had to sit back and play President whilst the real rulers behind the scenes were the evil, but brilliant criminal brains of the Gupta brothers putting the looting scheme, now called state capture, in overdrive. #783 son Duduzane Zuma was made a partner in all the Gupta companies and acted as the official channel through which looted money flowed to the Zuma family.
When Malema fell out of favour with Kom Raid #783 in 2011, Malema was without a job and more importantly without the ability to generate millions by using political influence to channel tenders. He only knew politics and created a quasi revolutionary and military hard left communist outfit called the EFF. He radicalized the political environment like never before and hammered South African politics to the extreme left with brute force. He promised free things and what is more popular than that ? Malema remained an ideologue and always promised that he would work with his now arch foes the ANC if they implemented his land grab and nationalization policies.
Malema was the man the ANC and #783 feared the most. In order to remain relevant , the ANC also shifted their policies to the far left, hoping to out radicalize the original radical Julius Malema.
This now resulted in the ANC , now led by the billionair businessman and once arch enemy of Malema ,Cyril Ramaphosa , shedding their black, green and yellow colours and emerge full on red at their 2017 elective conference, adopting all the policies advanced by Malema, including nationalization of the Reserve Bank, expropriation of land without compensation and free tertiary education.
This means one thing – another Zimbabawe at the tip of Africa and full on bankruptcy within a year of implementation of this Nongqawuse style policies.
If these policies are implemented South Africa will die.


It was never neccessary for this country after 1994 to follow the radical populist route of land grabs and expropriation of land without compensation. We have a relatively rich country and the NP left a solid infrastructure in place. All the ANC had to do was built on that and worked very hard on education. And they should have simply followed the free market system and the willing buyer and seller principle and with proper training and mentoring black commercial farmers would have emerged next to their white colleaques.
This whole give back the land thing was brought onto the national stage via social media infiltration by Gupta proagandists and the EFF. Both for their own reasons. The Guptas did it to deflect and re-direct attention away from state capture and the EFF because they fashioned themselves as some revolutionary para-military outfit. The EFF fashioned themselves as a radical movement and campaigned for votes by promising free stuff. They neglected to mention that there is never going to be enough land to dish out to 60 million South Africans.
You simply cant keep on promising free stuff in a country like South Africa. You as a leader WILL kill the country if you keep on doing that. We are not a sofisticated country and once you promise free things, people will want to have that free stuff. Never mind the concept of working for what you want.
The ZANC elective conference was a case study of how the whole party just jumped on the EFF and Gupta bandwagon by promising free stuff to remain relevant and save political careers.
If the Zancsters did not steal outright and misappropriated well over a R1 Trillion rand, this country could have been further along