We share the affIdavit made by a Mozambican national known as Josh to an ex ANC and COPE politician James Nkambule who ended up dead through poisoning .
The current vice President of South Africa needs no introduction when a discussion around corruption in politics take place . Mabuza has a reputation as a ghastly corrupt individual . Mabuza became the Mpumalanga province premier in 2009 after supporting Jacob Zuma in the 2007 ANC elective conference .
In a telling case an amount of R14 million was apparently stolen from Mabuza’s farm in Barberton in December 2009 by a relative . It was reported that Mabuza did not want to declare such a large amount stolen because it would raise suspicion . He then reported only R4 million stolen but scrutiny of the case number in question , Barberton SAPS CAS 237/12/1009 later revealed only R1200 was reported stolen .
Remember, this was only at the beginning of Mabuza’s reign as the provincial crime don of Mpumalanga and he already had R14 million stashed in a cupboard .
I dont have to tell you that  ANC politics revolves around money . Most ANC politicians are also involved in business and a top dog like Mabuza controls patronage and tender networks . We will look into that later, so read on .
Mabuza was recently exposed in a  New York Times article where  patronage politics was discussed and Mabuza’s role in it .
In the article, which is a must read, Mabuza is exposed by his own people in the ANC, amongst others Mr Fish Mahlalela, an ANC MP .
Mabuza’s role in money politics, the inflation of prices for new school projects , the shoddy nature of the build thereof, the dilapidated nature of schools in the province where children has fell and died in pit latrines , his manipulation of matric pass rates whilst education MEC and political assassinations in the province , nearly 20 in 2 decades,  is discussed in the article .
It is widely known that Mabuza held court and ruled the province, and the allocation of tenders , from his farm in Barberton .
From the New York Times article :

On Mr. Mabuza’s farm in Barberton, south of the provincial capital, his power was on full display, current and former A.N.C. officials said. He received contractors and took his cut before projects were awarded, they said. Those who refused to participate often faced exile.

Mr. Sedibe, his former ally, recounted how young party workers went to the farm for wads of cash from Mr. Mabuza — often about $750 — to wage his recruitment drive.

“He always had money in his house,” said Mr. Sedibe, who is now an opposition leader “


Now back to the affidavit made by Fabiano Emmanuel dos Santos, known a Josh .
In the affidavit Josh described how he was recruited as a hitman for Mabuza and Steve Mabona , who was a provincial government minister , in the year 2000 after doing the same ” cleaning ” work  for Bobby Motaung and assisting him with other criminal activity . Bobby is the son of Kaizer Motaung, the owner of the well known soccer team Kaizer Chiefs .
Josh states in the affidavit that he worked full time for a criminal network headed by Mabuza from 2001 onwards, carrying out political hits and smuggling drugs . Josh states that he moved between Mabuza’s Elandshoek farm and his farm in Barberton whilst carrying out his ” work ” between 2002-2009 .
The other members of the criminal network included Patric Chirwa , Bobby Motaung and Herbert Theledi .
These are the people who will be examined later in this article to see what links they have with shady business dealings  and tender corruption . We will see that they indeed have links with Mabuza in big tenders .
Josh  stated in the affidavit that he attempted to poison James Nkambule, who opposed David Mabuza, in 2006 with poison provided by Mabuza, but the poison did not work and Nkambule survived .
Josh further states how he buried the body of a man on Mabuza’s Elandshoek farm in 2004 or 2005 . The body of the man was brought in by Patrick Chirwa and another man and buried on instruction of both Chirwa and Mabuza .
Josh further states how he was called into a meeting at Mabuza’s Barberton house in November 2008 .
Present was Mabuza, Chirwa, Bobby Motaung and Herbert Theledi .
According to the statement Josh was instructed to recruit 4 other people for a hitsquad and given a hitlist of 5 people who had to be killed . The elimination of Jimmy Mohlala was to be prioritized .
Josh states he subsequently recruited 3 Zimbabweans and one Mozambican for the hit team .
Jimmy Mohlala was the council speaker of Mbombela .
Josh further states that he shot Jimmy Mohlala to death in January 2009 and called Mabuza to inform him . Mabuza was overjoyed when he heared the news .
Josh then states how in August 2009  he was tipped off not to return to the Elandshoek farm because the other 4 members of the hitsquad had themselves been executed by 2 men in the presence of David Mabuza and Bobby Motaung on the farm .
Josh goes on to state that he then travelled to Barberton and made contact with James Nkambule and told him everything .
James Nkambule then arranged for Josh to flee to Mozambique until the time is right to testify according to the statement .
As we all know a mere affidavit like this, especially against the background of the absence of the deponent, does not neccessarily point to the truth and this publication is publishing this sworn affidavit in the public interest whilst not vouching for the accuracy of the statement .
But it does warrant a further look into the alleged members of the criminal cartel operated by Mabuza  to see what possible links there are between them .
Low and behold the links are plenty and pop up with simple google searches of the names of the members of the alleged criminal cartel – that is Mabuza, Bobby Motaung, Patric Chirwa and Herbert Theledi .
It just so happens that James Nkambule, the whistleblower against Mabuza,  was murdered, poisoned according to the State Pathologist, on 7 October 2010 .
Nkambule was facing charges of conspiracy to commit crime, defeating the ends of justice, ­incitement and fraud – all ­emanating from his claims about the hitman. He was to appear in court on October14 .
It is also a fact that Jimmy Mohlala was a whistleblower against tender fraud with the construction of the Mbombela stadium for the 2010 Soccer World Cup .
As can also be seen in above link,   Police arrested the wrong people for Mohlala’s murder on the basis of a single witness and later had to withdraw the charges and set free the people they arrested .

Where it really gets interesting is when you consider that Jimmy Mohlala  was murdered a week before he was scheduled to testify at a hearing against Jacob Dladla, former municipal manager of Mbombela,  regarding Dladla’s failure to declare his private business interests with beneficiaries of the 2010 SWC deal, and his role in questionable expenditure involving Lefika Emerging Equity, which is Bobby Motaung’s company .

Bobby Motaung was arrested on August 15 2012 alongside his business partner in Lefika Emerging Equity, Herbert Theledi, and the company’s former chief executive officer Chris Grip.

READ: Mbombela Stadium corruption: Bobby Motaung arrested

They were charged with fraud amounting to R143 million for allegedly using a false tax certificate when Lefika submitted a bid for a tender to design the stadium. They also allegedly forged a Mbombela council letter with a fake signature of former Mbombela municipal manager, Sgananda Siboza, to obtain a R1 million overdraft from a bank.

The Hawks also arrested former Mbombela manager Jacob Dladla, Ehlanzeni District technical director Tebogo Kubeka and Grip’s lawyer, Michael Ramos, on charges of theft, fraud and the alleged contravention of the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) relating to the staidum tenders valued at R920 million .
The State Advocate in the matter was Adv Patrick Nkuna .
It becomes clear that there was interference from  NPA managers regarding this case .
The previous Hawks head who had to vacate his position after the Court found him unfit for the post also makes an appearance when he intervened to seize the docket to make sure the case dies .
I quote from the News24 link mentioned above :
[ Quote in brackets ]

The case collapsed on June 24 2013 when Nkuna had applied for the case to be transferred to the North Gauteng High Court. When the regional court had to formally transfer the case, NPA management sent two contradicting letters to the court – much to Nkuna’s surprise. One letter said the case should continue in the regional court while another said it could be transferred.

Magistrate Roelf Smith struck the matter off the roll because of the two letters. Smith said he could not see progress in the matter. At that time, Nkuna complained to the court: “A deputy director signed the indictment for the case to go to high court and now this shows his letter was undermined. I hope this will not put my job on the line …There is war within the NPA”.

After this bungle, former acting Hawks head, Major-General Mthandazo Ntlemeza, took the docket from the investigator, Warrant Officer Mashudu Mashamba. Mashamba was then forced to take a transfer to work in Giyani. ”
It also appears that the case was struck off the roll, which makes it possible for possible future re-enrollment of there is political will .
There are links between David Mabuza and Patrick Chirwa too :
The following is a quote from above link :
[ Quote in brackets ]

Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza’s friend and former business partner, Patrick Chirwa, received R230 million under questionable circumstances to supply tractors to the province’s farmers two years ago.

A forensic audit report leaked to City Press has found that the project – which saw nearly 100 tractors being bought for emerging farmers – was neither budgeted for nor part of the department’s plans.

When the tender was awarded on September 17 2008, Mabuza was the provincial MEC for agriculture, land reform and land ­administration.

Mabuza and Chirwa were business partners in a closed corporation – Above Average Trading Corporation 45 CC – which has since been deregistered. They are still very close. ”
More links between Chirwa and Mabuza  here :
I quote from the article :
[ Quote in brackets ]

A prominent businessman in Mpumalanga, who is linked to premier David Mabuza, has emerged as the central figure in questionable municipal land deals worth R45-million.

The Sunday Times has established that town planner Patrick Chirwa used his company, Pacific Breeze Trading 474, to snap up private plots on the cheap and sell them to municipalities at exorbitant prices.

Chirwa is also the owner of Sisonke Development Planners in the province.

At the time that most of the deals took place, the premier, Mabuza, was MEC for agriculture and land administration and served as a director of two companies – Above Average Trading Corporation 44 and 45 – with Chirwa.

In one deal, a plot was bought for R3.1-million and sold to the Mbombela municipality for R11-million in one day. ”
I am sure there are many more links to be found between Patrick Chirwa , Herbert Theledi and Bobby Motaung .
It is just a matter of googling and connection the dots . I hope that this article will serve to open the eyes of South Africans to see what scary future awaits us if David Mabuza is suddenly elevated to the position of ANC leader, something that is possible if the ANC recalls Cyril Ramaphosa .
In the following link you can read about links between David Mabuza and an EFF member doing developments in Mozambique .



More evidence has emerged of ANC involvement in CIT [ Cash-in-transit ] robberies . This time in the Free State .
The incident was again kept tightly under wraps , just like when Police arrested an employee of Luthuli House [ better known as Loot Freely House ], Errol Velile Present,  after a CIT robbery in Soweto in early July . He was linked to 2 other CIT robberies .
In that case the ANC only acknowledged that Present worked for them and took action after Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba revealed the arrest of Present on his FB page .
In the latest incident that occurred on Wednesday, Police arrested a 38 old man driving a BMW X5 after a CIT robbery that occurred in Brandwag, Bloemfontein .
Police spotted and pulled off the car suspected to be involved .

During the search, one R5 rifle, one LM5 rifle and a pistol, all with serial numbers filed off, rifle magazines and ammunition, as well as a pistol magazine with ammunition, a hand radio and an undisclosed amount of cash were found. A bag containing various equipment suspected to be used during heists and armed robberies was also found.

Police said that during a further investigation at the suspect’s house, more ammunition and suspected explosives were found. It was discovered that the suspect is linked to the cross-pavement robbery that occurred at the garage in Brandwag earlier that day. The term “cross-pavement robberies” is used when guards are robbed while carrying cash from the vans to a business or vice versa
Turns out the BMW X5 belongs to  the Deputy Chairperson of ANC Free State William Bulwane.
I picked up this information , on the twitter account of ” Man’s Not Barry Roux  “.
The following are  tweets from him :
”  This man who was arrested with Guns in William’s car is a close friend of the Deputy Chairperson of ANC free state William Bulwane while William is claiming that it is his mechanic. ”
” William Bulwane’s story does not hold water. He says his X5 was broken so he gave it to the guy to fix it but there is no record to show the car was ever repaired. And if it was repaired why wasn’t it returned back to him? ”
” Sad news for William Bulwane, there is a cctv footage of him driving the vehicle FXN 187 FS last week saturday and again on Tuesday before the suspect was arrested on Wednesday. Now the whole car repair story is out of the window. ”
” Hawks have the cctv footage & they’re still trying to link him to the footage. But here is another angle the hawks are looking at. Remember the Cash Heist kingpin Wellington “Bibi” Cenanda was recently arrested in Bloemfontein. what could’ve took him to Bloemf if not to meet….. ”


I am not one of these . I speak .I hear . I see . And I speak . I wont keep quiet . It seems the most people in South Africa dont believe in something . That is why they will rather have no opinion . They will rather go with the flow, try to look cool .
In the meantime they just live for themselves and their own family.
I will tell you one thing . You are spinning yourself into a cocoon in which you feel safe . Some have a religious cocoon . Some live in a liberal cocoon .
All that I know is to be uncaptured . I am a natural fighter, so I know there is not just one method . You employ one tactic one day, the other the next . At the end of the day to block out reality could mean your end .The end of your loved ones .
I cant give you the final answer .
Life is about fighting . Fighting to survive, but also fighting for bigger ideas and values . Fight to live in a better and more beautiful world . I wont compromise . I wont accept the unacceptable . When someone declares war on me, I fight back .
I will rather die on my feet than live on my knees before another .
I will compromise , but only up to a point. After that I am finished compromising .
I observe, I see who is my friends, who is my enemy . In me, you will have no better friend, but you will never have a worse enemy .
As a warrior I know you dont fight alone . There will never be peace . There has never been .
You group into fighting formations to face the enemy together . Bring together what needs to be brought together . Decide where you belong . I wont compromise who I am though .
But hey, that is just me


Mulangi Mphego once led a long running intelligence operation as the head of SAPS Crime Intelligence that resulted in the scuttling of the corruption case against Jacob Zuma .
Mphego was not only instrumental in the withdrawal of the Zuma corruption case, he tried to scuttle the corruption case against Jackie Selebi and he played a central roll in the scuttling of the rape case against Jacob Zuma .
Mpegho was once described as : That chap who has always been the dark horse behind Zuma.”
According to a book called Kwezi , written by Redi Tlhabi, Mulangi Mphego flirted with Kuzwayo in the safe house in which she was staying and asked her to sit on his lap. This would later be used to paint her as a “loose woman” who initiated sex with Zuma .
This was just one of the things that happened in an underhanded Crime Intelligence campaign before the Zuma rape trial . After the trial Kwezi became an exile in the Netherlands . She died in 2016 .
Mphego led the long running intelligence operation that ultimately led to the withdrawal of the 783 corruption charges against Jacob Zuma .
You will be gobsmacked when you hear what this operation was called .
It was called Operation Destroy Lucifer ! Should have been called Operation Protect Lucifer !
Mphego was at the head of this operation that ultimately led to the spytapes, recorded phone conversations between Leonard McCarthy, then head of the Scorpions, and Bulelani Ngcuka , a former NPA head .
These spytapes were then not only leaked to Zuma’s lawyer, Michael Hulley, but personally played to Jacob Zuma at a safehouse in KwaZulu -Natal by Mphego .
What is important to note is that the same names , many still employed in the still captured National Prosecuting Authority [ NPA ] , pop up time and time again . This will become clear as you read further .
It becomes clear that Mpegho was the go-to guy for ANC strongmen , be it Jacob Zuma or Jackie Selebi .
Mpegho knows where the bodies are buried . He also know how to bury bodies .
Zuma’s story is a like an interwoven piece of fabric with the same names popping up like a golden thread, or in this case like a rotten thread . And Mphego is as rotten as can come .
Jacob Zuma carefully put together and crafted a very loyal cabal in the Police Crime Intelligence, National Intelligence and National Prosecuting Authority , even before he became President .
This he did to scuttle criminal cases against him and stay one step ahead of his opponents .
Mulangi Mphego was one of Zuma’s most loyal servants .
To set the background, we have to first examine what the spytapes were .
An amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism article explained exactly what the spytapes were .
It also contained the startling claim, not yet widely known, that the acting NPA head who withdrew the Zuma corruption charges, Mokotedi Mpshe , might have committed fraud to keep a sexual relationship a secret . Read further and you will see .
This is my summary of that article :
The spytapes were the result of a full blown SAPS Crime Intelligence operation, dating back to 2003, called Operation Destroy Lucifer, targeting around 45 people in the NPA and Scorpions . People like Leonard McCarthy and Gerrie Nel were targeted.
Another interesting fact is that  then  commander of  SAPS Crime Intelligence, Mulangi Mphego, at one point in the endless prosecutoral wars stated under oath that these phone intercepts reveal that the NDPP who decided not to charge Zuma, Mokotedi Mpshe, had an affair with a prosecutor in Kimberley and that he allegedly approved fraudulent travel claims by her in order to pursue the relationship with him. Nice blackmailing material don’t you think?
And since Mphego was the one who made the claim, did he not also use the information to blackmail Mpshe ?
[ Mphego made the affadivit to another pro Zuma acting national head of the NPA, Menzi Simelani, to motivate the withdrawal of criminal charges laid against him by Adv Gerrie Nel at the time , after Mpegho interfered in Nel’s prosecution of Jackie Selebi .
READ : ]

In the amaBhungane article it is also clearly stated that Mpegho in 2007 approved an application to conduct phone and electronic intercepts of 6 targets on the basis that they are drug suspects. One of that “suspects  ” was Leonard McCarthy.
Mpegho’s successor , Richard Mdluli , also approached  Prince Mokotedi, head of the NPA “Integrity” Management Unit in September 2007,to ask for help in his investigation of Gerrie Nel. Mokotedi referred him to  Adv Nomgcobo Jiba.
[ Prince Mokotedi replaced General Shadrack Sibiya as head of the Hawks in Gauteng , and is still serving in that post today, after charges were trumped up against Sibiya and General Anwa Dramat , then national Hawks head, in the so called Zimbabwe rendition matter . ]


Jiba of course had an axe to grind with Gerrie Nel, because he secured the conviction of her husband, an attorney by the name of Booker Nhantshi , for theft of trust funds.
She would later go to considerable lengths to procure an arrest warrant for Gerrie Nel to thwart Nel’s investigation of Jackie Selebi.  Nel was eventually arrested but the case was  eventually withdrawn .
Jiba was also in frequent communication with  Adv Lawrence Mrwebi of the NPA , who provided an affidavit in support of Mdluli’s investigation of Nel.
Nothing came of the investigation of Nel, as we all know. Jacob Zuma would later expunge the criminal record of Booker Nhantshi, and he was appointed to a government job.

Jiba was internally charged for her actions, but after a labour court case, Mpshe approved an out of court settlement and she was reinstated.
Off course Jiba took over as NDPP from Menzi Simelane, and Jiba and Mrwebi shielded Mdluli from prosecution even though a Hawks dossier implicated him in the theft of millions from the SAPS secret account.

The existence of this cabal in the NPA, now led by Shaun Abrahams, exist to this very day .
What the motives of these captured people are is something that we can only speculate about , but advancement of their careers, ideological reasons and mutual back scratching are some of the reasons .
We have for instance seen how Jiba owed Zuma after Zuma expunged the criminal record of Jiba’s husband and appointed him to a government job .

Marianne Tham from the Daily Maverick recently wrote this :
” The Priority Crimes Litigation Unit, which has been abused as a key structure within the NPA to target perceived enemies of former President Jacob Zuma and the State Capture project, is behind the recent charging of former deputy SARS Commissioner Ivan Pillay and colleagues Johann van Loggerenberg and Andries Janse van Rensburg under a recycled case number that was last used to unsuccessfully persecute Pravin Gordhan in 2016. The unit, under Dr Torie Pretorius, has targeted an impressive list of corruption busters including Johan Booysen, Shadrack Sibiya, Anwa Dramat, Robert McBride, Paul O’Sullivan, Pravin Gordhan and Glynis Breytenbach. The ghosts of the Zuma era are yet to be exorcised ”
I quote from above article :

Booysen, who is rumoured to be making a comeback soon as a special adviser to recently appointed Minister of Police Bheki Cele, wrote inDecember 2017 that is “an open secret that Maema” as well as other prosecutors in what he describes as a “cabal” in the NPA had been promised promotions (which end up being rather fun retirement packages when the time comes).

“Everyone knows that Jiba has the ear of Jeff Radebe, then Minister of Justice and now Minister of the Presidency. In fact she (Jiba) was Radebe’s preferred candidate for the NDPP job,” wrote Booysen.

Booysen said Advocate Maema had perjured himself on two occasions in court papers.

“He lied under oath in the GCB v Jiba and in Booysen and others v the NDPP. He misrepresented evidence and lied in a memo when he and Noko (Advocate Moipone Noko, the KZN Hawks boss, will be leading Jacob Zuma’s prosecution – Ed) persuaded Abrahams to prosecute me for racketeering. Maema also controversially removed advocates Gerrie Nel and Andrea Johnson from the prosecution team in the Brett Kebble matter,” said Booysen.

Over and above this, Maema had also removed Gerrie Nel from the case in the prosecution of Crime Intelligence boss Mulangi Mphego who had links with Selebi.

And while Booysen said he had lodged criminal charges with the Hawks against Maema for perjury, Daily Maverick’s questions to the DPCI spokesperson Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi with regard to progress in the case were ignored ”

The criminal case against Mulangi Mpegho was struck from the roll after the State was not ready to proceed – something that also happened in the Julius Malema fraud case .
Mphego faced a charge of defeating the ends of justice for his alleged intervention to obtain an affidavit from drug dealer Glenn Agliotti in support of former police boss Jackie Selebi.

The state, represented by a new team headed by advocate Dan Dakana, argued  that it could not proceed with the matter because it still needed to familiarise itself with the merits of the case.

That came after the previous prosecution team, headed by state advocate Gerrie Nel, was removed from the case in March 2010 by prosecutions boss Menzi Simelane, citing that it had too much on its plate
If a case is struck from the roll, it is supposed to stand down until the State is ready to proceed, it can be placed on the roll at any time, something which did not happen from 2010 onwards in the Mpegho case .
So it is possible for the case to be put back on the roll, even today. This time by Adv Gerrie Nel, now with Afriforum’s private prosecutions team ?

For more background on Adv Gladstone Maema  and capture of the NPA :
READ :—EXPOSED%21-Lady-Justice-CAPTURED-by-THE-CABAL&p=read&aid=147—Shadow-State-strikes-back-%5BPt-2-%5D&p=read&aid=241


project nsf

This is a story that I broke on and which basically is about a secret SAPS project to capture the SAPS for the ANC by promoting to high ranks over 600 serving SAPS members who previously served in ANC armed structures and the import of many more ex ANC armed forces members from outside the Police, also for promotion to high ranks . At the time I wrote this, Solidarity was already aware of these plans and launched a court interdict to force SAPS to release information to Solidarity about these secret plans to turn the SAPS into a captured and sectatrian private militia for the ANC .
From information released now by Renate Barnard from Solidarity, the first


Things that happened this week:
-Historically high unemployment figures announced
-EWC is official. SA Property fundamentally devalued
-New wave of loadshedding
-Eskom debt to reach R600 billion in 2 years
tweeted by Dawie Scholtz
Against this background, against the backdrop of the total destruction of each and every institution and government department run by the ANC, seen against the fact that the country, municipalities and SOE’s are running out of money, it is clear that the whole EWC thing was just one BIG con job, to lull and fool the sheeple into voting ANC again .
Fact is that the economy has been destroyed by the ANC . No illusion created with smoke and mirrors is going to hide that very fact .
The ANC is trying to save themselves with con artistry, trying to fool ” our people ” that they will all be rich landowners . Of course this is simply not possible . The country cant give everyone a free piece of land and magically that will solve all problems .
The only thing that can launch people on an upward trajectory with better living standards, having a better life, is giving people jobs.
Giving people jobs will mean they will have pride and dignity, it means they will be able to look after themselves and their famililies .
It just so happens that government does not create jobs . The private sector does .
But now the ANC has announced that they will amend section 25 of the Constitution, making provision of expropriation of property without compensation .
This immediately will discourage investment by big companies, because once you mess with property rights, investors will say we will look elsewhere to put our money , we will go somewhere else where our investments will be safe .
And if the ANC can amend the Constitution so easily, after hearing some meetings resembling kangaroo courts , what will prevent them from amending the Constitution everytime they face an election ?
Let be clear, this amendment was never neccessary, simply because restitution was something that started as soon as the ANC took over in 1994 with a

EFF : Back in the ANC and backing state capture

As the EFF turns 5 years old , it is clear the EFF is back in the ANC , albeit as the radical and populist vanguard .
Much will still be written about Julius Malema but the central theme will always be the absolute destructive and devastating role he played in South African politics .
Here are 2 good articles for you to read in this regard :
To briefly sum up events :
Julius Malema is somebody who is a product of the ANC, an unguided missile employed by the ANC to radicalise the youth .
As a product of the ANC, he naturally saw himself entitled to some serious self enrichment , the ANC way . The feeding trough was the place to be and Malema was very much taking part in the looting .
Malema as head of the ANCYL was very influential and he could help to influence which ANC faction prevails .
He was a useful tool and Malema knew it . He was so influential, he could decide who get tenders and who not .
The then Public Protector Thuli Madonsela made devastating findings against Malema  with regards Limpopo tenders and Malema’s benefitting through it via his Ratanang Trust .
Malema famously lived in luxury and drove luxury cars, wearing Rolex watches . He lived the good life , with plenty of parties .
It all came crashing down when Malema started to fall out of favour with the powers that be in the ANC – Jacob Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa .
It is well known that Malema was a driving force behind the elevation of Jacob Zuma as the ANC leader and that Malema was at the forefront of campaigning for the 783 counts of corruption against Zuma to be withdrawn by the National Prosecuting Authority [ NPA ]  so that Zuma could become the ANC leader .
Malema famously said that he would die for Zuma .
Of course that was when Malema saw Zuma as his ticket to  one day taking over the ANC himself .
Malema started to unravel when he started to embarrass the ANC with his firebrand populism and radicalism .
That was his undoing because he was moving faster than the ANC wanted him to move .
At that stage the ANC had the frogs [the white minority ] nicely boiling in the pot , at  a nice steady temperature and Malema’s communist populism would make the frogs jump out to soon .
Zuma had the whole state capture thing going . Malema was upsetting what was  a good place to be for both Zuma and the ANC alike .
The unguided missile was now threatening the image of the ANC .
After Malema was booted out of the ANC in April 2012, he was down and out , returning to his home province of Limpopo to lick his wounds . He was a defeated man .
Then in August 2012 something happened that would resurrect Malema’s career . Marikana .
Of course the name of the ANC would become so tarnished later that they are now more than ready to jump back in the same bed with the same Malema .
The  ANC would become so weakened that they would take over EFF policy in its entirety .

They would completely drop the facade of being multi racial and leave only the black nationalist core for the world to see .

SARS started to look into Malema’s tax affairs  years back when Malema started to fall out of favour and there was certainly much to discover .
Malema’s tax affairs were always shrouded in secrecy but According to TimesLive, Sars and Malema reached an out-of-court settlement in May 2014, which saw Malema’s tax bill lowered from R18-million to R7.2-million.
It always dumbfounded people how Malema could pay the taxman that sort of money with his salary as a MP and his well known extravagant lifestyle .
That matter would be cleared up this year as I will shortly discuss .
Turns out Malema – the white people basher – had a secret funder, one Adriano Mazotti, an Italian South African  tobacco smuggler .
It seems not only was secret deals made with Malema regarding his tax affairs but that the NPA decided to drop a criminal fraud and racketeering case against Malema because of his growing influence .
Malema was arrested in 2012 but the case dropped in 2015 because a co-accused did not show up . It was always unclear how the State , with all its resources , could not ensure the presence of an accused in court .
In the end Malema was not aquitted . The Polokwane High Court struck the case from the roll, which means that the NPA can re-enroll the case at any time . The fact that the NPA did not do it in 3 years just confirm the fact that the NPA was instructed from above to let the case just disappear .
The fact that the NPA was always used as a tool by the ANC to protect its own cadres just gives credence to the fact that in the end Malema was not prosecuted out of political considerations .
Afriforum said this year that they will privately prosecute in that case if the NPA continues to refuse to do its job .
Not so incredibly, the EFF started to back state capture this year after Pres Cyril Ramaphosa appointed a commission of enquiry into Zuma’s right hand man, the suspended head of SARS Tom Moyane, a state capture kingpin .
Adv Dali Mpofu , the EFF national chairman, represents Moyane before the commission of enquiry .
The reason it turned out is money .
Jacques Pauw, writer of The President’s Keepers, tweeted this out earlier this year :
” “Why is Dali Mpofu committing hara-kiri in defending Tom Moyane? Is it because they have a common friend: tobacco-man Adriano Mazzotti. Under Moyane, Mazzotti’s R600m tax bill disappeared. He also paid EFF registration fee in 2014 and gave Malema a loan to help pay his SARS bill. ”
Mpofu demanded an apology , an apology Pauw refused to make . Pauw defended his refusal to apologise in this open letter to Mpofu :
Malema also recently came out swinging against clean-up man Pravin Gordhan , attacking Gordhan in a letter addressed to the Boards of SOE’s like Transnet and Eskom .
I quote from above article  :

” The EFF has Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan in the cross hairs, targeting him in a letter to the boards of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) for an alleged “reign of terror” at the institutions.

This is the latest accusation against Gordhan by the party, which has previously attacked him publicly and accused him of being the de facto president and doing as he pleases.

Now the EFF has stepped into the battle against Gordhan within state institutions, siding with his opponents in matters relating to the South African Revenue Service and Transnet. as well as at Transnet.

The party seems to have taken on the role once championed by the ANC faction linked to former president Jacob Zuma. It started by attacking officials in the Treasury and also targeted Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene, writing to him to ask for answers about evidence of wrongdoing it claims it has against the minister. And once again, the EFF has focused its attention on Gordhan. In the letter, EFF general secretary Godrich Gardee accused Gordhan of a “reign of terror” all “under the guise of cleaning up and fighting state capture”.

The EFF  and Malema have come full  circle –  from being at the forefront of looting to pretending that it is against corruption to openly defending corrupt figures in the Shadow State – Zuma’s network of people who executed his agenda of looting .

Cyril Ramaphosa became leader of the ANC by the thinnest of margins last December, strucking a deal at the last moment with a monumentally corrupt  provincial crime don – the ex Mpumalanga premier David Mabuza – who delivered the votes for Ramaphosa to become the ANC leader and President .
Mabuza is a wily player with his eyes firmly set on becoming ANC leader . It is not inconceivable that Malema now aims to join up with Mabuza to promote their own style of looting .
Take into account that the EFF has stated that their days in opposition are over now .

Taking into consideartion that the EFF and the ANC policy positions are now copy and paste jobs from each other, the EFF can only have the ANC in mind as government partners with an eventual return of Malema and the EFF to the ANC fold, holding powerful positions .
That is their plans, but we the people can stop them at the elections, but will we ?
For the future of the children of this country, I hope we do , because the criminals of the EFF and the ANC will destroy this country until there is only a barren wasteland with pockets of regime opulence .