ANC holding South Africa back

What holds South Africa back ?
Right at the top of the list, it is the Zancster party themselves. The Zancster party is not a political party, it is a pyramid scheme, where you start at the bottom, and the higher you proceed up the pyramid, the more patronage you can dish out, and the more you can get kickbacks and enrich your own family and boyfriends/girlfriends.
It is more than just a party of trough eaters and rent seekers, quite satisfied to be a wholly owned Zupta subsidiary, it is a cult like kleptomaniac organized crime group, professing to be socialist/ communist, but is actually a hard right black nationalist crony capitalist grouping, made up of outright thieves, opportunists and groupie buttock defenders, in it for money. Our biggest problem will always be the Zancster party themselves. I include their evil leader and his business friends, the Guptas , and the whole top 6. The Zancster party is the main factor holding this country back from reaching our full potential.
The Zancsters have hit rock bottom, useless and dumbed down, and now they have started to dig.
We have reached full banana republic status, Animal Farm has become real.
We have a culture of attacking people creating thousands of jobs, We dont celebrate our job creators and entrepreneurs, we attack them and make them out as exploiters.
By we , I mean the Zancster party, and their ideological partners, like the EFF, Cosatu, Numsa and Black First Land First.
Dont even try to call the Guptas job creators, they are crony capitalist leeches, who only make money off state tenders, inflated tenders at that.
We have a demand culture and Everything For Free attitude, where people just demand everything must be done for them and dont recognise that with democracy comes responsibility.
Cadre deployement in the civil service and the Gupta owned State Enterprises [ SOE’s ] has created an obedient officialdom, executing all instructions without questioning the legality.
The SOE’s and national departments of government has all become part of the feeding frenzy for the cadres, including the Boards of these SOE’s. We have a national corruption culture.
We have made mediocrity our national motto. We dont even know what the quest for exellence is anymore, especially in the Guptament sector.
Weak and captured media. Dont get me started on that.
Billionairs with a vested interest to keep the current order in place, because they are making good money out of the current system, even though they have to kick back to politicians.
Too many people willing to just complain, and not willing to actually join hands with those fighting the rot. We want to let the few fight on our behalf, not realising that just a massive collective effort can stop the rot.
Do you still think we have a future ? Do you still think we have a great country to be proud of ?
No, we dont. We are a mediocre , failing country, despite some wonderful talented people.
Unless something change, unless we unleash the power of creativity, creativity that will create jobs, unless we realise politicians dont create jobs, creative business people do, nothing will change.
In short, as long as the Zancsters remain, nothing will change.

Tax boycott South Africa – alternatives

I have recently heard quite a few people call for a tax boycot, but I wonder how many people know that they pay out of their pockets to further the cause of state capture in other ways ?.
How many people pay mega bucks to DSTV , the channel deeply involved in state capture ? DSTV accomodate ANC 7 Zupta TV, whilst they paid Mad Hlaudi a R33 million bonus on the R500 million deal they made with the SABC.
DSTV Lesser Choice has weakened Carte Blanche, whilst they also house eNCA, another weak news channel majority owned by one of the Cosatu unions, with one of the Schaik brothers the chairman of eNCA.
Kyknet doesnt count as a news outlet, because only Afrikaans people can watch it.
How many people still buy fake newspapers from the ” Independent Group ” belonging to Skelm Iqbal Surve, the staunch Kom Raid #783 supporter who bought the ” Independent ” group with a R1 billion loan from the PIC ? [ The R1 billion is not repaid yet ]

Just saying. We are paying for our own demise . Time that we grow a spine and take personal responsibily and leadership.We dont have to wait for the next person to lead.Each one of us can be a leader in his/her own right.
If you have dstv or buy newspapers from the Independent group of Iqbal Surve, you finance state capture. Time to target the business people who support Zuma783. If they can be hit in the pocket, they might drop their support for Zuma783

Poem in progress

Vision, hope, dreams
You are the most successful when you work in teams
Love, care, compassion
Would that exist if you dont take action ?
Mission, aim , goal
Let’s rock and roll
Division, fission, rupture
We have reached a juncture
Conceal, steal, sly
Obfuscate , lie, deny and spy
Objectivity, truth ,fact
Lets leave our dignity intact
Capture, control, manipulate
The looters have opened the floodgate

Conviction, character, valiance

Brian Molefe, the Guptas and the capture of the SOE’s. Dot 2

Brian Molefe, the Guptas and the capture of the SOE’s – connecting the dots.
Dot 2
How to eat a parastatal like Transnet – chunk by R600 million chunk – amaBhungane
Transnet with Brian Molefe as the CEO, and Anoj Singh, as the CFO, paid two companies, Regiments Capital- they admitted that they donated money to the ANC- , and Trillian Capital, controlled by the Gupta associate Salim Essa more than R600 million for transactional ” advice “, even though Transnet did have an internal treasury department. Regiments Capital was started by Litha Nyhonyha and Niven Pillay, but the real mover and shaker was Eric Wood, also a major shareholder in Regiments. He would later join up with the Gupta company Trillian Capital, and take some of the Transnet ” work ” that Regiments had to Trillian.
Make no mistake this was looting, trough eating and no doubt, some of it would have to be kicked back to various parties, no doubt the Guptas themselves as well.
This so called advice was all about the Transnet R50 Billion acquisition of new locomotives.

In Dot 1 I have described how the Guptas and Duduzane Zuma and the chairman of the Transnet bid adjudication committee, Iqbal Sharma, acquired the steel cutting company VR Lazer just before the announcement of the 4 bid winners for the Transnet locomotive tender. VR Lazer was visited by all four successful bid winners, 2 of them Chinese, just before the announcement of the bid winners.VR Lazer would therefor be guaranteed to do steel work for all 4 bid winners. And of cource Brian Molefe was the CEO of Transnet and Anoj Singh was the CFO. [ report also by amaBhungane ]

This more than R600 million paid to Regiments and Trillian for ” advice” grew out of an initial R35 million capped tender awarded to McKinsey, with Nedbank and empowerment partner Letsema as part of the consortium.

Soon after however, Regiments was awarded a R10 million share of that tender by Transnet. For further reference, all of this financial decisions would have to be made by CFO Anoj Singh, and approved by Molefe.
An enormous ballooning of this original ” advice ” transaction is what followed next. In February 2014 , the contract value grew to R41, 2 Million, of which R21 million ” fixed price ” would go to Regiments.
That “fixed price” lasted two months. In April 2014 Singh sent a memo to Molefe in which he now motivated for a post-facto revision in the fee allocation to Regiments, to add an additional R78.4-million.
The rationale for this was that Regiments gave the ” advice ” that Transnet could save cost by choosing 4 locomotive suppliers, instead of just one, as it would lead to a speed up of delivery.
As of March 2016, 2 of the suppliers did not deliver a single locomotive.
Regiments remuneration had just jumped from R21 million to R99,5 million.
“Under Singh, Regiments was now, without any competitive process, also appointed as transaction advisers and to lead negotiation of the terms of a loan from the China Development Bank.

It is alleged that Regiments, with Wood at the helm, acted as Singh’s direct advisers, with neither their role, terms of reference, budget nor their deliverables clearly defined. One source claimed Singh would simply issue ad hoc payment instructions. ” The Transnet treasurer at the time resigned.

On March 1 , 2015, Transnet appointed Phetolo Ramosebudi to the position of group treasurer for Transnet. It just so happens he had a relative working in the Regiments group.
Ramosebudi ballooned the Regiments contract with a further R 166 million, for the ” advice ” on the loan from the China Bank.The total now stood at a whopping R265, 5 million. All amounts would need to be signed off by Anoj Singh and Brian Molefe.
According to amaBhungane :
” There followed a series of transactions where Regiments was simply nominated without any tender process for further bouts of financial gymnastics, from which it raked off a percentage. But what Regiments earned was hidden in the overall cost of the transactions.”
These type of transactions involved further ” advice ” on the Chinese loans.
Regiments at one point even involved one of the Transnet pension funds, putting the pension fund at risk.
” At one point, even Nedbank decided that the reputation risk was too large and refused to continue paying Regiments as an agent of Transnet, insisting that Transnet pay Regiments directly. ”
In late 2015, Eric Wood jumped ship, joining the Salim Essa/Gupta company Trillian and took the Transnet business with him.
In April 2016 the Transnet board approved the transfer of the Regiments business to Trillian.
amaBhungane reported that Transnet paid Trillian R156 million in 2016.

Brian Molefe , the Guptas and the capture of the SOE’s. Connecting the dots

Transnet tender boss’s R50 billion double game – Mail and Guardian
Before his appointment to the Transnet board in December 2010, Iqbal Sharma headed a unit at the department of trade and industry set up to boost imports and exports.It was in this position that he first met the Guptas.
Transnet would later create a new structure, formally called the board acquisitions and disposals committee, to supervise the planned pipeline of future large-scale infrastructure spending.
Sharma was quietly appointed to chair this committee.
Transnet invited proposals for the R50-billion locomotive tender in October 2013. Sharma was the chairman of the bid adjudication committee.
While it was being decided, Sharma and his business associate Salim Essa approached VR Laser and offered to purchase the company.
The sale was agreed on in December for an undisclosed sum. Share registers show that it was finalised in the weeks immediately before the tender award in March. 2014
Duduzane Zuma and Tony Rajesh Gupta obtained a 25% stake in VR Lazer through Westdawn Investments.
amaBhungane has established that, as Sharma was putting the finishing touches to both the tender and his acquisition of the property holding company linked to VR Laser, each of the four multinational train manufacturing companies that would later win a slice of the locomotive supply contract visited the engineering company’s premises to assess the possibility of subcontracting work to VR Laser.
The winning bidders are required by state procurement policy to source up to 60% of their locomotive components from South African subcontractors, placing VR Laser in a highly advantageous position.
Transnet announced the main tender award on March 17. Unusually, they split the contract between four major train builders – China South Rail, Bombardier, General Electric and China North Rail.
The parastatal declared the R50-billion transaction to be “South Africa’s single biggest infrastructure investment initiative by a corporate”
Brian Molefe was the CEO of Transnet at this time

Rise South Africa

Rise from your sleep South Africa
You are drowned in corruption
Your President sold the country to the highest bidder and is directing criminal looting of the country’s resources, as planned by the immigrant Gupta crime family. These actions are fully supported and endorsed by the entire ZANC, a party so dumbed down and useless, so immersed in self enrichment, that 94 + mental patients can die under their noses without them noticing it.
Your loved ones are murdered and your sisters raped by heartless criminals, your fellow South Africans are persecuted by jackboot Police, not because they committed crime, but because of the sin of serving you. Just serving you.
Your people cant find work, your services are falling apart, your children dont get proper education.
One country needs one people, united with a common set of values, striving for the common good, or there wont be ANY prosperous future.
There will only be a African basket case like ZimBOBwe
Enough said
Yours forever


Regarding the land issue. In round one of the land claims process, 8% of successful claimants chose land and 92% chose cash. Of the 8% that chose land, 90% failed completely and only 10% have made some success.
Therefore, for successful land claimants, only 0.8% resulted in successful black owned agricultural enterprises. Is this really an investment worth pursuing?
Written by William Pulles