Gwede Mantashe family self enrichment

So Gwede Mantashe’s younger sister Priscilla Thozama Mantashe is also a successful politician and ANC MP.
Who would have thought?
Nolwandle Mantashe, wife of Gwede Mantashe, also has coal tenders lined up at Medupi and Kusile, besides being a director of Bidvest, that landed an R639 million Kusile catering contract. Just this week Matshela Koko has said that he has proof that Mbasa Mantashe, daughter of the Mantashes, has been involved with the corrupt tender with Tubular Construction Projects, a supplier to Kusile, and that she had pocketed almost a R1 million, apparently bribe money. Nolwandle Mantashe is also involved in the R631 million tender in the Amathole region of the Eastern Cape to build, wait for it, 66 000 LONGDROPS. That works out to almost R10 000 a LONGDROP toilet. I repeat not houses, LONGDROP toilets.
Mantashe’s son, Buyambo, is also involved in the LONGDROP building. So is the son of Lindiwe ” Carrot Top ” Zulu , Boitumelo Itholeng. These people just cant help themselves to cream it as much as possible.
Viva C-anc-ER



The ZANC December conference will be our Zimbabwe reloaded. Fact is, the game is up, the country has been looted empty. Some cadres realise now that the orgy has been a little bit too hectic. They realise that the current greedy pigs are stealing at such a rate that soon there will really be nothing left.
You can also see it in the way how Thoko Didiza reigned in JaKop783′ s buttock defence squad in Parliament last night.
But just like in Zimbabwe, it will be a compromise. Cyril win win, but he will have to include the pigs, they are simply too large a faction, and he does not want to split the party.
Zimbabwe has their crocodile, we have our buffalo
They have their Bob, we have our JaKop.
Kop will negotiate an exit strategy for himself , so that he can keep his illicit wealth, and it will be agreed upon that the looting of the State Capture billions will be covered up 


You know how the state capturers – Guptas – work ? They captured Eskom, Transnet, Denel, SABC and other SOE’s through Zuma783’s blessing. The minister responsible for the capture of the SOE’s boards was Malusi Gigaba, as the minister of Public Enterprises from 2010. They also captured the ministers concerned, Lying Lynne Brown-nose for instance.
They then extracted billions, hundreds of billions, from these SOE’s, and laundered the money offshore. Blatant fraud and theft involved. But because the SAPS and NPA are also captured by state capture co-workers like Shaun the Sheep, nothing gets done.
The clever Gupta cabal roped in international multinationals like SAP, McKinsey, KPMG, Liebher, China South Rail and others and extracted billions in bribes from them for the right to do business with their properties – the SOE’s. It also included South African companies like Neotel, the same applied.
Everybody got into the orgy. Koos Bekker’s DSTV was no different. They paid the Gupta’s racist anti white mouthpiece ANN7 R141 million per year and a once off payment of R25 million so that the Guptas, through Zuma783, could swing broadcast policy with regards the digital migration the way of DSTV, as per the #GuptaLeaks revelations of today.
We as the consumer, that is all of us, black, white, Indian and coloured pay. Because we all pay for electricity, we all pay for Transnet transport services, we pay DSTV exorbitant amounts for repeats and the sport for which they have a monopoly over, thanks to a direct line to Gangstament policy.
You have been told.Most know already.
Its treason and there are a lot of suspects. We need a truth commission

Are all crime equal and ordinary crime ?

The libtards are pissing into the wind. Their holier than though and oh so politically correct rhetoric that all crime incidents are equal is simply not so. It might sound politically correct and bleeding heart, but it has no resemblance to reality.
They want us to believe that the murder of a 73 year old man who was hacked with a panga, put into his own bakkie and driven away in Vryheid yesterday is the same as the justice dished out by the community who caught the savage and beat the crap out of him. He died. I say good riddance .
They want us to believe the killing of one gangster by another, the self defence by a severely abused woman or child who fought back and killed the abuser etc are all the same as when an old man or woman is burnt with a hot iron, cooking oil and dripping hot plastic and eventually tortured to death.
You have categories of crime.
The law has collapsed. It has now emerged that the previous head of the NPA, Nongcobo Jiba, was a spy for Richard Mdluli’s Crime Intelligence. Shaun ” the Sheep ” Abrahams is probably a spy as well, so is the new PP.
You have parts of the country operating under a feudal system with proposed legislation that Chiefs can act as Courts and dish out justice.
You have the fact that marxism/ socialism has deeply infiltrated the African culture to such an extent that people just want everything for free and dont pay for basic services.
Libtards, you cant fix this.
I am proud to announce the creation of
First of all, I will start with some background and what led to the creation of this site.
It simply came about as a collaboration of efforts by ordinary South Africans, who met via Facebook . I was invited to this group called Executive Solutions for Civilian South Africa and here I met a group of ordinary South Africans who were concerned enough about their country’s state at the moment that they were willing to spend most of their free time online to discuss ways how ordinary civilians can contribute towards a better tomorrow.
As we all know , our country is in a bad state.
The country has been wholly captured and is now being controlled by a cabal, let us call them The Syndicate
The intent of The Syndicate is to loot, that is steal, as much money as possible .
For them it is really all about the money.
The Syndicate has also been described as the Shadow State by the PARI academic research group.
We dont know how much The Syndicate has stolen so far. I saw somehere that Pravin Gordhan mentioned an estimated amount of R100 billion. This might well be a conservative estimate.
So, how did this happen ? It happened through a process now referred to as State Capture.
You see, you can only loot the State, and of cource the State is funded by the taxpayer, if you control the big tenders of the State.
Much has been reported about this in the media, and I wont go into it now.
What is of even more concern is that much more than the State Owned Enterprises were captured. You see, if your plan is to steal that much, you must also make sure there will be nobody , and no institution, in the country capable, or willing, to investigate you.
And so the leader of The Syndicate, who we all know is President Jacob Zuma783, has systematically captured the criminal justice system, that is the Police and NPA.
I wont go into it now as well, as much has been reported in this regard, and I will get back to this subject.
The Syndicate did not stop at the capture of the ability to control State tenders, or the capture of the criminal justice cluster.
No, that did not do it for them.
As more and more details of the activities of The Syndicate were revealed by a handful of dedicated investigative journalists, mostly the amaBhungane team, the ” brains ” of The Syndicate, the criminal Gupta immigrant family, devised an evil scheme to divert and redirect attention away from the looting activities they were busy with.
They now aimed at capturing the minds of as many South Africans as possible . This with the intention to control the succession race and make sure a candidate of The Syndicate is elected as the new Zanc leader, to keep the money networks in place well into the future.
And so they hired a British PR company, Bell Pottinger, to devise and implement the mind capture strategy, through social media infiltration – fake twitter accounts, fake FB accounts, twitter bots etc- to create the so called WMC narrative to pit white versus black and create a racial division strategy, all in an effort to divert attention away from their looting activities.
The Syndicate has not deviated from the mind capture strategy, they did not deviate from the WMC narrative, those efforts are still very much in place through Gupta Media.
And they are now in the process of securing the money pipeline.
But back to the website.
This website is simply aimed at getting South Africans to talk to each other, to unite around shared values, and to promote uncaptured thought.
A handful of people have agreed to be permanent contributors, and you will get to know them soon. They will lead discussion, and they are well suited to get South Africans talking, thinking and uniting. And in the process contribute towards the uncapture of  this country, the country we call home, and the county that will have to sustain our children one day, this country with this difficult and painful past. But it is this country who produced us, and it is now up to us to write tomorrow’s history.
I will also from time to time make contributions, and we will get more and more contributors as time goes by, we will also create a guest column.
I pledge to be as accurate in my opinions pieces as I possibly can.
The aim of this website is to make a positive contribution to the national discource, and to write our own narrative for the future, and not allow The Syndicate to write the narrative that is dividing people and leading our country towards bankruptcy.
I thank Aubrey O’Callaghan , who I met in the FB group Executive Solutions for  Civilian South Africa, for building the website, Donovan Penaluna for his brilliant design help and all the contributors who have agreed to make contributions, because this project can not be driven by one person .
 Written by Daniel Sutherland
Contributor to


Saw this comment on another page. Lots of technical talk, but here it is :
” Ever heard of internet tv ?? With a 4 meg (unshaped) line (get a 200 gig capped line as it is unshaped for max speed at all times) about R189 (best is Axxess or Afrihost) , download Kodi on your laptop , connect to your tv via HDMI cable and mirror your laptop to your tv. Some channels also work for free but with a paid subscription to either NTV or Vader tv (or many others) (about R250/month) you will have every international sports channel (BT, Sky etc) , and see movies and series that multichoice have not even heard of ,movies so new not yet on the big screen!. You can get a set top box such as NVidia / Mygica or Roku to do the same as your laptop but comes with its own remote making it a bit more user friendly. No contracts , no subscriptions , no dishes , decoders or installations ……especially no MULTICHOICE !! [ LESSER CHOICE ].

ANC holding South Africa back

What holds South Africa back ?
Right at the top of the list, it is the Zancster party themselves. The Zancster party is not a political party, it is a pyramid scheme, where you start at the bottom, and the higher you proceed up the pyramid, the more patronage you can dish out, and the more you can get kickbacks and enrich your own family and boyfriends/girlfriends.
It is more than just a party of trough eaters and rent seekers, quite satisfied to be a wholly owned Zupta subsidiary, it is a cult like kleptomaniac organized crime group, professing to be socialist/ communist, but is actually a hard right black nationalist crony capitalist grouping, made up of outright thieves, opportunists and groupie buttock defenders, in it for money. Our biggest problem will always be the Zancster party themselves. I include their evil leader and his business friends, the Guptas , and the whole top 6. The Zancster party is the main factor holding this country back from reaching our full potential.
The Zancsters have hit rock bottom, useless and dumbed down, and now they have started to dig.
We have reached full banana republic status, Animal Farm has become real.
We have a culture of attacking people creating thousands of jobs, We dont celebrate our job creators and entrepreneurs, we attack them and make them out as exploiters.
By we , I mean the Zancster party, and their ideological partners, like the EFF, Cosatu, Numsa and Black First Land First.
Dont even try to call the Guptas job creators, they are crony capitalist leeches, who only make money off state tenders, inflated tenders at that.
We have a demand culture and Everything For Free attitude, where people just demand everything must be done for them and dont recognise that with democracy comes responsibility.
Cadre deployement in the civil service and the Gupta owned State Enterprises [ SOE’s ] has created an obedient officialdom, executing all instructions without questioning the legality.
The SOE’s and national departments of government has all become part of the feeding frenzy for the cadres, including the Boards of these SOE’s. We have a national corruption culture.
We have made mediocrity our national motto. We dont even know what the quest for exellence is anymore, especially in the Guptament sector.
Weak and captured media. Dont get me started on that.
Billionairs with a vested interest to keep the current order in place, because they are making good money out of the current system, even though they have to kick back to politicians.
Too many people willing to just complain, and not willing to actually join hands with those fighting the rot. We want to let the few fight on our behalf, not realising that just a massive collective effort can stop the rot.
Do you still think we have a future ? Do you still think we have a great country to be proud of ?
No, we dont. We are a mediocre , failing country, despite some wonderful talented people.
Unless something change, unless we unleash the power of creativity, creativity that will create jobs, unless we realise politicians dont create jobs, creative business people do, nothing will change.
In short, as long as the Zancsters remain, nothing will change.